Some MoFo Lasagna

October 7, 2009 at 6:39 pm | Posted in cooking, vegan mofo | 1 Comment
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mofo3Haribol Readers! Today’s post will be of the vegan lasagna I made for dinner last night. My lasagna has none of that weird fake cheese in it as I don’t like the way it melts, when it melts at all. I also dislike it because it won’t brown on top like real cheese. I am kind of weird in the fact that I don’t like to use fake foods very much. At least fake cheeses anyways. They have a time and place (nachos!), but not in my lasagna. Instead I make a faux ricotta cheese mixture of mashed tofu mixed with a bit of salt and nutritional yeast and put only sauce and olives on top of my lasagna. Very very yummy. I stuff it with whatever veggies are in season out of the garden. This time it was stuffed with eggplant and yellow squash. Yum!


In the sauce layers I also like to place thinly sliced over ripe tomatoes just to make it more yummy. This is my first time using this particular sauce in the lasagna. In the past I have always used the Trader Joe’s  brand vegetarian marinara sauce but there are no Trader Joe’s in Utah 😦 so I bought this Hunts sauce as it was on sale. I was  very pleased with it. It was nice and chunky and had a lot of veggies in it. I am lazy and use no cook lasagna noodles. It saves so much time and headache. I bake it for about an hour and let it sit for about 15 minutes so it can hold its shape when cut.




It must be nice to be a housecat.



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  1. That look GORGEOUS! It totally made my tummy rumble.

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