Something WRONG is going on at the University of Utah lab.

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I just moved to Utah which makes me rather concerned about the conditions of Animals in the local labs, schools, animal shelters, etc  locally. Peta just did an undercover investigation on the University of Utah labs where they are buying animals from the local shelters (yes, this means this could be your lost dog or cat!!!) and using them in animal research. Animals used for research in labs are not anesthetized, often dirty operating tools are used, the animals are fully conscious, and more often than not the research is only to garner funds from the federal government in the form of research grants. Animal trials do not bear results similar to human or computer trials. Most of this research is a waste of taxpayer money, inhumane, and needless.

Here is some info from the Peta website:

Kittens, Monkeys, Mice, and Dogs Suffer and Die in University Labs

Kittens, Monkeys, Mice, and Dogs Suffer and Die in University Labs

PETA’s undercover investigation found rampant animal suffering inside laboratories at the University of Utah. Kittens―whose homeless mother was bought from a local shelter―died after experimenters injected a chemical into their brains to cause fluid to build up. Read more.

That poor sweet kitty does not need that thing in her head! And I am certain that she was not anesthetized in any way shape or form. These lab animals do not receive regular veterinary care, mental stimulation (to keep them from going crazy), or even a litter box. Please watch this undercover video from Peta. It is an undercover visit to the University of Utah research lab where these innocent animals are tortured for government research grants.


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