Ooey, gooey, vegan fudge. :)

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I have not eaten fudge in many many years because it either has dairy, eggs, or gelatin in it. So I was pretty happy when The Girlie Girl Army posted a recipe for Vegan Fudge from the book My Sweet Vegan by Hannah Kaminsky. The recommended topping was coconut, but as this is December I topped it with crushed candy canes. I had candy cane dust all over my kitchen! Making this fudge was fun crazy madness!! Lucky for me Macey’s grocery  store sells some delish accidentally vegan gourmet semi sweet chocolate chips. This was ooey gooey super rich fudge. I don’t like to eat sweets very much, I am more of a spicy crunchy gal myself, but I am pretty serious about chocolate. I can’t stand milk chocolate. It tastes like candy. I like dark chocolate, real chocolate, cocoa. 🙂

Melting coconut milk and margarine.

Candy cane mashing central.

Semi sweet chips, cocoa powder, and a ton of sugar!

Fudge, the vegan way!

Recipe for 5 minute vegan fudge

Recipe from My Sweet Vegan by Hannah Kaminsky

“Rich, thick, and creamy, this fudge is the real stuff. Even the smallest squares will satisfy the most dedicated chocoholics. Plus, it takes mere minutes to whip up, for an instantly gratifying, and heavenly, chocolate treat.”

• 1 Cup Dairy-Free, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (such as Enjoy Life brand)
• 3-1/2 Cups Confectioner’s Sugar
• 1/2 Cup Dutch Process Cocoa Powder
• 2 Tablespoons Dairy-Free Margarine (see below for soy-free option)
• 1/2 Cup Regular Coconut Milk
• 1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
• 1 Cup Unsweetened Flaked Coconut, Toasted (I didnt use coconut, I used candy canes!)

Lightly grease an 8 x 8 inch square baking pan.

In a large bowl, combine the chocolate chips, sugar, and cocoa. Separately, place the margarine and coconut milk in a small saucepan, and stir together over medium heat. Cook the mixture until the margarine has melted, and bubbles just begin to break at the surface. Remove it from the stove, and immediately pour over the chocolate mixture. Let everything sit for a couple of minutes, and then stir vigorously to melt the chocolate and incorporate the dry ingredients. Continue stirring until a completely smooth mixture forms. Mix in the vanilla, and quickly pour everything into your prepared pan. Smooth out the top and sprinkle the flaked coconut evenly over the entire exposed surface. Press the coconut gently into the fudge with the palm of your hand. Let cool completely before cutting into squares.

Makes 32 Small Squares

Last week I made vegan Chickenless Parmesan, yum! And oh so easy to make! Just melt a vegan cheese slice over your breaded vegan chicken patty and simmer with some spaghetti sauce, serve with rice.

Till next post, have a happy end of year!



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  1. your fudge is so cute…my kids love the pics! eye catching.

    • Thank you so much!

  2. That came out fabulous! It is great if you add the peppermint extract too, here is the recipe with the peppermint variation (and others) – http://www.godairyfree.org/200912023914/News/Nutrition-Headlines/The-Best-Holiday-Fudge-Ever-and-It-Just-Happens-to-be-Vegan.html

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