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I love breakfast. I think I must post more breakfast food than anything else on this blog. I actually had a dream about waffles covered in powdered sugar last week so on my first day off with my fiance (Sunday) we had to make them. I am no good making waffles and pancakes without a recipe so Tota whipped up some yummy waffle mix that had some besan flour mixed in and I poured them into the waffle iron, voila!

Some other day last week that we had off together I made the Fritatta out of VWAV and followed the whole recipe this time as I actually had all the ingredients. Amazing! I made the Fritatta with sundried tomatoes and carrot sticks. Yum!!!!

Last Wednesday I made Chorizo Stuffed Bell Peppers with homemade Chorizo, also out of WVAW also for the first time followed to recipe as I have been trying to fill my spice cabinet with all requisite ingredients for her recipes and it came out the best ever. But, I am going to omit the sugar entirely next time I make it as it was a little sweet for my taste and I dont recall chorizo being sweet. Nonetheless I am hooked!

Happy I finally bought Bay Leafs and Fennel.

Today however is Ekadasi so no beans or grains will be eaten today. I fasted until noon and for lunch made baked crinkle cut fries (use natural ketchup such as Mur Glenn as it’s sweetened with Cane Sugar not Corn Syrup which is not Ekadasi friendly) and for dinner after work I will make brocolli boiled in Coconut Milk over Quinoa. It really is possible to be vegan on Ekadasi! It just takes a little ingenuity and research. Good websites to do recipe searches on are (sorry the insert link thingie isn’t working) and

I am going to end this post with some pictures of the deities in the Spanish Fork Temple, recently featured as the cover article in Back To Godhead Magazine.


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