Its been a long time….

March 9, 2010 at 6:39 pm | Posted in cooking, vegan | Leave a comment

Haribol! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. I didn’t charge my camera battery for what felt like ages and really just wasn’t in the mood to blog. But here I am, back in the ring! I have discovered some neat new things I can cook. My absolute all out fave being BBQ Seitan Sandwiches. YUM! Use homemade chicken (find vegan chicken broth mix in the bulk section of your local health food store) seitan, cut it into bite sized pieces and fry it up with some hing, BBQ Sauce, and a little southern style hot sauce and you have an sandwich filling. I like to toast my bread and load my wich up with Veganaise and some tomato. My fiance likes to add lettuce to his wich. I highly recommend this sandwich.

Frying the seitan till lightly browned.

Sauteeing seitan in BBQ Sauce mixture.

Lunch is served!

A while back I was reading somewhere on the web about vegan bangers and mash and recently Tota and I bought some yummy Tofurky Sundried Tomato Sausages. It was a work night for me and when asked what I wanted to make for dinner this odd sounding dish came to mind. Tota made some delish mashed potatoes, English style with just margarine, salt and pepper. Not even any hing. And we served it up with these sausages. Yum!! Next time I think I want to buy the bratwurst flavor and get some mustards to dip the sausages in. 🙂

"Bangers and mash"

Last night for dinner we made waffles and fruit sauce. Yum!!

Breakfast for dinner rules!

Till next time, take care and be vegan!


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