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Haribol! Last week Tota and I cooked up some exiting and very easy foods. First I made the Spicy Split Pea Soup out of the most recent Vegetarian Times Magazine. Yum!

And later on that week I made frijoles and used them to make whole bean tacos. I am so glad avocados are back in season eventhough they are very expensive.

Growing up in San Diego I always used to go to Horton Plaza with my friends and get Nacho Fries from the fry place (I cant remember its name now for some reason). They were the best, just drowned in nacho cheese and jalapenos. So, I decided to make my own with cheeze sauce and baked crinkle fries. They were not quite as I remember them, but they satisfied the craving.

I also made (and am now hooked on) Caribbean Coconut Rice out of Vegetarian Times from long ago. I served up this addicting rice with baked yams for a delicious and satisfying meal. Sometimes the simple things in life are the best!

Yesterday for Sunday morning breakfast I made Vegan MissMuffins with homemade biscuits out of VWAV, organic ketchup (corn syrup is the devil), tofu egg rounds (cut tofu in circle shape- season and fry), and vegan sausages and cheese slices. Yummy! Its nice to know I can make this stuff better than I remember buying it.

That’s all for now. I am working a lot this week but hope to be cooking up some fun and exiting meals to blog about.


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