Seitan Tacos and Southwestern Stuffed Bell Peppers

March 29, 2010 at 5:17 pm | Posted in cooking, vegan | 1 Comment
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When I moved to Tijuana at 19 years old I was already a vegetarian so I never got a chance to eat a lot of the street tacos outside eating whole bean tacos (they are good, don’t knock them!) but I made sure I took many good looks at them. I don’t really know why, but I did and now I am really happy that I did as I was able to recreate chicken tacos using seitan. I was really pleased with the results and plan on making them again and again.

Sauteeing homemade chicken seitan.

After homemade taco seasoning was added.

They tasted so good I amost forgot to photograph the end product.

I still had some fresh corn tortillas leftover so the next day I made vegan chorizo and tofu scramble and we had tacos again.

Chorizo taco goodness.

Later that week I wanted to make stuffed bell peppers. I make them at least once a week but I wanted to mix it up, make them a little bit differently so I made them Southwestern style with corn and beans added in and served them with Tots. What a good dinner that was.

Why buy beans when you can make beans?

I threw in some enchilada sauce for flavor.

Red bell peppers are my fave. So sweet!

The finished product.

The tots were a great side. 🙂

I really enjoyed the southwestern experiment but my fiance prefers the chorizo stuffed peppers. I will keep experimenting till I get it just right, but for a first try these were pretty good even if they were a bit spicy- even for my tastes. Note to self- don’t dice up and add home grown chili peppers to everything. Perhaps next time I will saute the tvp mixture before I stuff the peppers with it too. I was planning on it initially, but I forgot.

Please stay tuned for more cooking experiments! Until next time, I have a quick question for you the reader. Do you use tvp and or seitan? Do you make your own seitan if you use it? What do you like to use tvp and seitan for? I am new to using these items and am curious what you do with them.


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  1. You are making me hungry.

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