Somethings gotta give….

April 13, 2010 at 4:31 pm | Posted in cooking, vegan, vegetarian | Leave a comment

And it seems that that thing is me. I have been trying for two and a half years to be vegan and I am doing a pretty lousy job of it lately. I just have this thing about cheese  and yogurt, even though it makes me sick (literally as I have an allergy to cow dairy products). The rest of the stuff I can leave. I don’t crave milk or feel the need to bake with dairy as I am a competent vegan baker and chef, I just have this cheese problem. I can go for months without eating it and this weekend I found myself eating some good quality artisan blue cheese and as its a soft cheese I didn’t become ill. Eating faux cheeses do not satisfy me at all. I crave good artisan cheeses so I have decided to drop the vegan moniker as I am not interested in living a lie publicly or privately. I still consider veganism the highest ideal which we should all strive for. I am not planning on over indulging in this product like I used to before my vegan experiment. In the future I plan on trying this again, but sadly- for the moment I am merely vegetarian. This blog will continue to focus on vegan cooking but now you should expect to find something with cheese or yogurt thrown in. The addition of dairy to this blog will only be an occasional thing, just once in a while.

Thanks for listening.


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