Adventures in vegetarianism

April 17, 2010 at 7:09 pm | Posted in cooking, vegetarian | 1 Comment
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After 15 years of being vegetarian with occasional forays into veganism I have yet to tire of cooking and settle into making the same old recipes. There is always some new vegetable to try (turnips being the latest new veggie to sample and enjoy) and I must say I am really enjoying the journey. Now that I am eating cheeses again I feel a bit more freedom to experiment and branch out and try new things. We have been eating a lot of salads at home in an effort to eat healthier and I have been experimenting with lots of new artisan cheeses to complement the tastes of the salads. Yesterday for lunch we ate salads with Amish Gorgonzola Cheese. Yum. No RbST in this cheese and it tastes like Blue Cheese but a bit milder. The lunch salads also included red romaine lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and chunks of tofu. Very satisfying.

I like to collect recipes from everywhere and keep them in a binder for safekeeping. Often times I will have a recipe stored for a long time before I use it. That was the case with last nights dinner. I made Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie out of Vegetarian Times Magazine. This is one of those recipes you cant mess up. I followed the recipe as it was written and it came out perfect! This might be the last time I make it for a while as the weather has been heating up but I plan on making it again. On second thought, I did make one minor change to the recipe. Rather than using Parmesan as the garnish on top I used sheep’s milk Romano as I prefer the dry taste of Romano cheese.

Until next time, keep cooking and trying out new foods and recipes!!


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