Tempeh Taco Fun!

August 20, 2010 at 4:30 pm | Posted in cooking, utah, vegan, vegetarian | Leave a comment

My husband and I have had a mad craving for some real Mexican Food lately, but the problem is that we live in Utah Valley where there is no authentic Mexican food. But I did some research and found a yummy looking recipe for some tempeh tacos and I modified it a bit and they were soooo good that I had to share some pictures and the recipe with you. Oh, the recipe doesn’t say to do this, but I highly recommend steaming or boiling the tempeh for 10 minutes before marinading as it makes the tempeh ready for the marinade and takes away any bitter flavors it may have. I served the tacos on whole grain tortillas with black beans and soy cheeze on mine and real sour cream on my husbands. Yum! For a little kick I added some chipotle salsa to mine. I got hooked on the Buffalo Brand of hot sauces when I lived in Mexico years back.

Red marinade in a pink bowl is a no no photography wise. 😉

I was out of soy sour cream so I opted for some vegan cheeze instead, but I really think some vegan sour cream would’ve hit the spot.

This recipe was so good and easy I just had to share it with you. And as I’m off today I had the time to post it the morning after I made it when it’s tasty goodness was still in my mind. 🙂

Well, with that being said I’m outa here. Going to explore other peoples blogs now. Caio!


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