Sweets and good eats.

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When I was living at home with my parents my mom would make the most delicious Toll House Cookies.  I have been craving these bar cookies lately like crazy. So I did some research and found out that this traditional recipe does good with Egg Replacer. I wish that I had margarine at home because these cookies call for an entire cuppa buttah, which I happened to have on hand. So, I made these bar cookies and the world was happy. The butter was a bit much for my delicate stomach though so next time I’ll make them vegan. But you should really make these cookies. They’ll knock your socks off! Toll House Cookies are very much superior to regular old chocolate chip cookies. After you make these you’ll never bake standard chocolate chip cookies ever again.

Bar Cookie Bliss!

We have had an abundance of garden fresh zucchini lately and we enjoy eating stuffed baked potatoes with cheeze sauce so we thought it might be nice to combine all these goodies together. I have yet to meet a veggie that dosent taste good steamed and stuffed into a baked potato and covered with cheeze sauce.

Thank you Isa for making such an amazing Fronch Toast recipe in VWAV. Last time I ate French Toast I was still living with my parents so it must have been sometime in the 90’s. We paired the Fronch Toast with vegan Tofurky Sausages and oodles of maple syrup.

The Fronch Toast even smells authentic.

Who says vegan food is boring??

Oh, my hubby and I had a field trip to Salt Lake recently and I finally got ahold of some Daiya Cheese. YUM! All the claims are true- it melts and stretches and tastes awesome! I just finished eating a grilled baked cheese sandwich out of it and it was delicious! I am just so enchanted by this stuff. This is the first time I’ve eaten a grilled cheese sandwich and not gotten either sick from using real cheese or unsatisfied from using vegan cheese. Two thumbs up to Daiya! With that all said I’m going to get on with my day and end my blog posting here. Till next time! Haribol!



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  1. That french toast looks delicious! Is it vegan?
    If so, mind sharing the recipe?

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