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Food constantly amazes me. What I eat, what my co-workers eat, what my friends and family eat. What I eat is probably my biggest form of expression. Through eating not only do I nourish my body with healthy veggies, grains, and beans; but I also nourish my mind and spirit. Eating is more than just what we put into our bodies. Eating is more than just something we do to maintain ourselves and our families. It is an expression of our values and for some of us our spirituality (eating prasadam). If we eat animals and animal products we are eating something that has lived a miserable lonely life of abuse and torture. Mother animals on the good ol’ factory farm have their babies taken from them before they can bond with them. Often within moments of birth. Male baby animals are considered a “byproduct” of the farming industry and are usually disposed of the day they are born. Females give milk and lay eggs till they are completely exhausted and useless and end up in 50 cent frozen pot pies. The milk that we drink no longer comes from a cow that was milked lovingly by a farm hand. Cows now give 20 times the milk they would naturally, and are milked by the cold steel hands of a machine till puss comes out of their poor swollen udders. After 3 months of not being vegan I recently became vegan again. My allergies prohibit me from eating any cow dairy what so ever and I kinda feel like it’s a blessing in disguise as I am not sure that I would be vegan without my allergies. My allergies give me the strength that I need to live the lifestyle that I truly believe in.

Here are pictures of some food I cooked recently. I have been getting a lot of nice home grown zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and eggplant from my parents in law so I taught myself how to roast veggies in the oven, finally. If I knew how easy this is I would have been doing it ages ago.

Slow roasted veggies with German Style mashed potatoes.

Rice bowl with steamed veggies and marinated asian tofu.

Well, I am off to South Jordan for a home program. See you later.


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