Ghost ships and animal cruelty.

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Erik Marcus- blogger, animal rights activist, and book author recently wrote an excellent blog post on a phenomenon he calls “ghost ships”- where animals are held in confinement (automated factory farming operations) which are for the most part completely automated without a person around for sometimes weeks at a time. Due to technical malfunctions such as ventilation systems going out thousands of animals die alone and a slow needless cruel death. This isn’t to say that  they weren’t going to die in a slaughterhouse in the end, but steps to prevent needless cruelty of animals in factory farming are needed. Factory farms spend so much time cutting corners and pinching pennies that they veto even the least expensive options to safeguard the animals and give them comfortable and safe living conditions. This is a necessary first step that needs to be taken. How can we as a species be so selfish that we are okay with factory farming for a cheap chicken pot pie? Or some inexpensive hamburger meat? I don’t honestly believe that we can make the whole world vegetarian- as strongly as I feel about animal rights and vegetarianism it’s a personal choice and all we can really do from a grassroots standpoint is educate others, vote with our dollars by not buying from companies that do animal testing or have other non-vegetarian operations where animals are held in confinement, and get involved locally in grassroots organizations. We can all make a difference one person at a time, and we need to make the effort to educate others. To read Erik’s article click here.

Since I am on a roll and woke up in an activist mood this morning I have a video from Peta for you. Meet your meat.


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