Fall Cooking.

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Fall is my fave time of year. I get to decorate for Halloween and watch Tim Burton movies for the umteenth time. I began baking again as it’s been too hot to bake since spring ended, and various squashes come into season. I have yet to meet a squash I don’t like to cook. My husband Tota really likes Acorn Squash so we bought some and I made them very simply with seasoned rice on the side and just slow baked with savory seasonings on the inside. Unless I’m eating pumpkin pie my squash has to be savory. That also goes for sweet potatoes and yams.

I had bought an issue of Veg News magazine at Whole Foods and it had a recipe for some Spicy Tempeh Quesadillas and I felt inspired to make my own version as I had just bought some Daiya. I used that marinade from Whole Foods I keep raving about and I made some of my own. I cooked them in the oven as the faux cheese takes a while to melt.

Served with a side of black beans and home made salsa.


Feeling that faux cream cheeses in the store are too expensive, not to mention I havent found one yet that I like I decided to make my own. I used the recipe for almond creme cheese out of  The Ultimate  Uncheese Cookbook with some modifications. It was pretty good.


With home made pesto.

More tacos…

Taco filling is a mix of black beans and zucchini.

The taco filling reincarnated well in these nachos we had the next day.

Everything is homemade except the sour cream by Tofutti which I bought.

Tota and I had an apple pie bakeoff.

More to come!


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