Italian MoFo

November 16, 2010 at 8:46 pm | Posted in baking, cooking, vegan, vegan mofo | 2 Comments
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What an exiting time of the month. We are halfway through Vegan MoFo and the first day of Bhisma-Panacaka starts tomorrow. If you are like me and have not done any austerities for Kartika yet than this is the time to do them.

For lunch on Sunday I made pasta with vegan Italian Sausage, red sauce, and garden fresh eggplant and cherry tomatoes. I sliced the sausage and browned it on my cast iron pan and put it in the sauce and pasta mixture. Then in the same pan I sauteed diced eggplant for about five minutes until lightly browned and then threw in some halved cherry tomatoes for a minute or two until they broke down a little. I mixed it all together and here are the results.

For dessert we had Apple Crumble. My husband made it and it was delish! The apples came from his parents apple tree.




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  1. Sorry, I left the comment on the previous post by mistake:

    that pasta looks super delicious!

  2. The apple crumble looks spectacular! My mouth is watering!

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