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Three years ago when I decided to become vegan it seemed an insurmountable task. I had become a pretty good vegetarian cook by that point in my life, but becoming vegan I had to learn to cook all over again and rethink how I eat. First I learned how to make a whole bunch of seemingly complected stuff out of Vegan With a Vengeance. Those initial recipes have become some of my staples. Then I learned how to make two things that changed how I eat: cheeze sauce and prepare tempeh. This post is about super simple food and how good it can be. The ingredients for the following picture are: baked potatoes, can of black beans, vegan shredded cheese (I used cheddar Daiya), and a pat of non-hydrogenated margarine.

Vegan CAN be easy!

The next easy vegan dish I would like to share with you is Smokey Tempeh with Collards. Mmmmm, deliciousness. Both recipes came out of Veganomicon, but I barely followed the Collards recipe as I disbelieve that you can cook them in under an hour. I don’t like to eat chewy greens. Oh yeah, eating this tempeh will change your life. If you havent cooked some yet give it a try.

Tempeh marinating.

Instead of sauteeing onions I used cherry tomatoes as they are also very flavorful. It worked out well.

Mmmmm. Dinner is served.

Today’s packaged food review is for Four Seasons Cakes that I picked up at the Asian Market.

Well, here’s the rating. The pink one that I am eating in the above photo was the best. It tasted like a very high end Hostess Snowball. Eating this makes me think that this is where they got the idea. The green one was weird. It had a gooey jelloey outside that tasted like seaweed and the inside was a yummy mung bean paste. My husband thought it was gross and could only take one bite. The yellow one was okay, I would eat it again. I can’t explain what it tasted like but it did have coconut in it. The black one still remains uneaten after eating the green one. When we took it off the plate to store it it stuck to the plate like a snail would. Weird.

Gaura Nitai last Sunday.



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  2. The yellow one looks like it could be a cassava cake.

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