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Hi. My name is Jeannette and this is my personal blog. A place for me to post my photography, talk about vegetarian cooking, my cats, cow protection, and of course Krishna Katha. I am originally from San Diego California but last year I moved to beautiful Orem Utah where I live with my husband and two cats Raj and Lulu. I have returned to veganism after a brief hiatus. The months that I ate cheese just wreaked havoc on my system. Some things just aren’t worth it.  Also, I don’t believe it’s right to gratify my senses at the expense of an animals life.  I have been vegetarian since 1995.  In my spare time I herd cats and other wild furry creatures.



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  1. I am writing on behalf of Mercy For Animals, a national, non-profit animal advocacy organization. Thank you so much for speaking up for animals through your blog.

    We noticed you had some links to animal rights and vegan related websites on your blog and thought your readers might be interested in Mercy for Animals’ websites. Would you consider adding one or more of the following links to your blog:

    Thank you for all that you do for animals,

    Anna Leehey

    • MFA is a great group, if I may say so. 🙂

    • I finally got your link posted. Thank you for sharing. I am glad I could help.

  2. Hi Jeannette! Just found your vegan and Krishna Conscious blog! Haribol! Vegetarian since 83, vegan for a few years and just now learning about bhakti-yoga and KC. Great links, if I may say so. I look forward to your November blogs and exploring the previous entries. Best wishes, your servant. – David in Houston

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for the LINK to the Vegan Biscuits and Gravy recipe on my website.

  4. I don’t agree with vegan diet. It isn’t healthy since cow milk is the royal food for our bodies. I can understand not taking milk due to some sickness, this is perfectly normal but to avoid milk all together is not what the ancient Vedas teach. Ghee, butter, yogurt, milk are precious for our body nourishment and to think that they are not good and simply the product of violence on cows is a gross mistake. Men and cow live together since time immemorial and cow is the mother of mankind and the whole universe. Man should lovingly protect the cow in every respect feeding and caring about her. Cow then will provide the nectar that is milk and grant all kinds of auspicious things to us. Vegan is just a newly born philosophy that means good and wants the betterment of animal conditions but Ayurveda clearly confirms that men need milk to lead a complete and healthy life. We need to work to change attitude of society towards animals and cows, not to embrace an incomplete diet. No offense intended to you and your lovely site and to all my vegan friends, I just wanted to express my thoughts and stand for what I believe in.

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