Green Tomato Adventure Time!

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We just had our first snow fall last night. I woke up this morning and the grass was all white. I am still not used to snow, nor do I like it (at all) but I have to admit that it looks very pretty. Due to the cold weather we picked all the green tomatoes out of our garden as we wouldn’t loose them to the freezing night temperatures. I decided to make “baked” fried green tomatoes as it sounded healthier than the fried ones I grew up eating. I was not impressed. They sucked actually. Lucky for us I made a ton of them and stored some for later use which I fried in oil the following week and we were very impressed. If you have more green tomatoes than you can eat in one sitting I highly recommend baking the ones you won’t eat right away and storing them in the freezer or fridge for future frying action.

Baked "fried" green tomatoes with steamies. Blah.

This time I fried the green tomatoes and served them with Collard Greens and faux beef from the Asian Market in SLC. The faux beef smelled like it was Asian spiced, but we were happy eating it and nope, no Asian spicing to be found. Good stuff, quite versatile. I highly recommend it.

I was scrolling through recipes on and I found this Skillet Beef and Macaroni recipe that begged to be veganised. It was something to do with the fact that I had all the ingredients at home to create a vegan version of it. So, I did. Also, it’s been pretty cold lately and I wanted something filling and hearty to eat. My husband enjoyed it, but he said it needed some veggies on the side as it was too heavy for him. I agree, but I have to admit I was feeling much too lazy to cook the Kale in the fridge. Here is a link to the veganized version of the recipe.

The item I am reviewing today is Daiya Vegan Mozzarella. Damn good stuff. It melts, it stretches, and omg, it even tastes like cheese. This stuff is awesome and will help me kick my cheese addiction. Here is a good link on why cheese is so addictive. Really, seriously, cheese is addictive and after I gave it up I had cheese related dreams for almost a year. And if you think you are helping animals by being a lacto-veg that’s a nice sentiment and a good start but it’s not reality. Dairy cows end up slaughtered and become cheap hamburger meat for fast food restaurants while boy calfs either become veal or end up in a dead pile. There is no animal sanctuary for exhausted under producing dairy cows. For more information click this link.

Now it’s time to read and relax and try to get over this cold.


Food for thought.

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Adoptable Pets of the Week from

If the animals are on this list that means that they are URGENT and may be killed at their shelter for lack of space if people like us don’t adopt or foster them.  Note that transport from State to State can usually be arranged with rescues.  PLEASE FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO YOUR FRIENDS! Its one of the cheapest easiest and most effective things you can do to help animals (and bump up your place in heaven.)

New York, NY: Adorable, big eared Shepard Mix Puppy on the kill list at the ACC needs urgent rescue. All details and photos here or on

New York, NY: Meet Bagel the Beagle!  This 4 year old rescued charmer is neutered and is just waiting to be adopted!  Loves toys, belly rubs, and giving kisses.  Email: for photos and more info!  (Say that you heard about him through a member of the NYU Student Animal League Defense Fund.)

New York, NY: PLEASE OPEN YOUR HEART TO BABY EMMA. She needs a foster or permanent home IMMEDIATELY so she can forget all of the horrors that she has been through in her short life. Emma is 11 months old, weighs only 38 pounds and was rescued from a crackhouse.  Given all she has been through she can’t be placed with dogs, but is  great with cats and people.  She is fully vetted and now up-to-date on her shots. If you can help, please call Michelle Marlowe at 646-528-4234 or email

Long Island, NY: Orange brother cats need urgent homes.  Super sweet, friendly, and cute!  Details and pix here.

Queens, NY: Sweet love-bug Franny 30 pound Terrier-pit mix (1 year old), is a calm, loving dog. She just wants to be by your side, or hanging on the couch. She has been in a home with 3 young children since we began to foster her in October. The kids- all boys ranged in age from 1 year to 10 years. She is crate trained, and 90% house-trained. For more info, pix, or if you can rescue her, contact

Staten Island, NY: Healthy Boxer Boy (4 yrs old) needs new home.  Contact Alma: 917-903-9213 for further details and pix.

PITTSBURGH, PA: Pregnant cat needs a home. Contact 724-998-5700 or

Orlando, FL: Adopt Lily! A sweet Beagle/Hound with a very sad heart.  Details and pix here.

Los Angeles, CA: Desperate for New Foster or Permanent Homes for 5 Sweet Gal Kitts. Rescued from South LA this summer and Now Need a Place to Go.  Details and pix here.

Los Angeles, CA: Popeye is a handsome 1 year old german shepherd. He was living on the streets for 2 weeks with his pal, Orville, before anyone realized that he didn’t have a home.  Now he is safe and sound with his foster daddy.  Popeye gets along with other dogs, maybe with cats, and children.  He weighs about 70 pounds and he is housebroken with a doggy door.  He is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, fecal test done, microchipped, and frontlined.  Contact terrell at 323-385-8993 or to meet or adopt him.

Los Angeles, CA: Pug Mix, Shar-Pei Mix, Chow & Pittie all at South LA, Harbor, NC Shelters are REDLISTED and need homes.  Details and Pix here.

Carson, CA: Dumped at 15?!  How cruel!  This Calico needs saving, and a place to enjoy her golden years.

Charlotte, NC: This people and kid friendly Chow was picked up today in Charlotte NC after being abandoned by a family that moved out of the neighborhood.

Douglasville, GA: 2 miniature schnauzers & a sharpei need homes. Pix and details here.

Shreveport, LA: Begging for Piston!!!! Sweet, smart Pointer on euth list! Pix and contact here.

Bristol, RI: Senior Lab Harry & Senior Lab/Shepherd Dewey Need Rescue Org Or Furever Home – Please Help! Pix and contact here.

Live simply so that others may simply live.

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Have a happy holidays. I am getting prepared to bake like a mad woman! 2 pumpkin pies and some vegan fudge. If it turns out well I will post pix and the recipe.

As the Tofurky turns

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Sorry I have been lagging on the blog postings, I have been cooking I SWEAR! I have even been taking pictures of the best stuff. I just have not had the time to get it all off the camera and onto this blog. This time of year seems (disturbingly) enough to be all about eating animals, and in that spirit I am posting the newest Humane Society ad against IHOP and caged eggs. Watch it and weep, and then boycott IHOP until they begin to serve cage free eggs (if you even eat eggs.)

And now for some veg friendly humor.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Something WRONG is going on at the University of Utah lab.

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I just moved to Utah which makes me rather concerned about the conditions of Animals in the local labs, schools, animal shelters, etc  locally. Peta just did an undercover investigation on the University of Utah labs where they are buying animals from the local shelters (yes, this means this could be your lost dog or cat!!!) and using them in animal research. Animals used for research in labs are not anesthetized, often dirty operating tools are used, the animals are fully conscious, and more often than not the research is only to garner funds from the federal government in the form of research grants. Animal trials do not bear results similar to human or computer trials. Most of this research is a waste of taxpayer money, inhumane, and needless.

Here is some info from the Peta website:

Kittens, Monkeys, Mice, and Dogs Suffer and Die in University Labs

Kittens, Monkeys, Mice, and Dogs Suffer and Die in University Labs

PETA’s undercover investigation found rampant animal suffering inside laboratories at the University of Utah. Kittens―whose homeless mother was bought from a local shelter―died after experimenters injected a chemical into their brains to cause fluid to build up. Read more.

That poor sweet kitty does not need that thing in her head! And I am certain that she was not anesthetized in any way shape or form. These lab animals do not receive regular veterinary care, mental stimulation (to keep them from going crazy), or even a litter box. Please watch this undercover video from Peta. It is an undercover visit to the University of Utah research lab where these innocent animals are tortured for government research grants.

What do vegans eat anyways?

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I often get asked what I eat and it suprises me as there are so many more plants to eat than animals and animal products. The list of what I dont eat is way shorter than the list of what I do eat. First, let me define veganism: Veganism is a diet and lifestyle that seeks to exclude the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. Vegans endeavor not to use or consume animal products of any kind. The most common reasons for becoming a vegan are ethical commitment or moral conviction concerning animal rights, the environment, human health, and spiritual or religious concerns. Of particular concern to many vegans are the practices involved in factory farming and animal testing, and the intensive use of land and other resources for animal farming .” (from Wikipedia)

What I don’t eat:






What I do eat:



junk food

fast food

fried food



faux meats



raw foods


agave nectar




faux cheeses

almond milk

The list of what I eat could go on forever as I eat a wide and varied diet. Veganism is not some fad diet. Veganism doesn’t limit one to a raw diet, or no fried food or sugar, etc. Vegan food doesn’t mean health food. Vegans come in all body types both fat and thin and everything in between. The days of the anorexic pale vegans are over. I am most certainly not some anorexic vegan. I am a good cook and it shows. 🙂

I have been vegetarian since my 18th birthday back in 1995 and I have been integrating a vegan diet for the past 2 years. I still slip up once and a while but I don’t beat myself up about it. It’s amazing the stuff that dairy products are hidden in!

I have held strong convictions about animal rights for many years. I learned about vivisection when I was 11 or 12 and protested against it but didn’t put it together with what was on my plate. I come from a very meat and potatoes family and I think my vegetarianism made me a bit of an outcast. But I am okay with that too. 🙂 In high school I had some vegetarian friends. None of them were veggies for animal rights reasons though and on my 18th birthday not too long after I had moved out of my parents house I quit eating meat for good. I wish I had access to the vegetarian and vegan resources then that I have now as it was really really hard for me. I didn’t know how to cook and all the fake meat subs and veggie burgers back then tasted a lot like cardboard. Fast forward to two years ago. I cooked a bunch of yummy cheese and milk laden dinners back to back and ended up in the hospital and had to take almost a week off work. It really sucked. I have had a lifelong cow dairy allergy and it had finally caught up with me. Now I had to deal with the fact that my current lacto-veg diet was not living up to the needs of my body and the fact that I really was not helping to save animals by being vegetarian. It was time to live up to my own ideals. It was time to go vegan.

I have read a few really good books on animal rights and veganism. Here are the books that have made my life better: The Skinny Bitch, The Skinny Bitch in The Kitch, Animal Liberation, and Vegan With A Vengeance. I just received Free the Animals- the story of the Animal Liberation Front in the mail today and I look forward to reading it. I also have another book coming in the mail- Vegan the new ethics of eating. I really look forward to reading it. I may not be the perfect vegan. I have the occasional dietary slipup but being hardcore and unforgiving won’t make anyone a better person. I aim for perfection, but my feet are on the ground. I have no plans on blowing up a lab anytime soon, but I do like to fantasize about freeing all the cows that I see in the pastures here in rural Utah. Well, thats my vegan story. Want to tell me about yours?


Last night for dinner Tota made some delish dal and rice.


The Lovecats.

Peta’s Land O Lakes undercover video

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Here is the disturbing video that I mentioned in my last blog post. This video really disturbed and moved me. I feel obligated to share it so we can all gain some compassion for our animal brothers and sisters.

Here is a quote from The Srimad Bhagavatam regarding the state of cows in this age, the age of Kali.

“The cow is also as beneficial as one could draw out religious principles from her, but she is now rendered poor, without any calf and being beaten by the leg of a Sudra, she is too much distressed with tears in her eyes and being too weak she is hankering after some grass on the field.”


The next symptom of the age of Kali is the distressed condition of the cow. Milking the cow means drawing the principles of religiosity in liquid form. The milk means cow’s milk because it is liquid form of religious principles. The great Rishis and Munis would live only on the subsistence of milk. Srila Sukadeva Goswami would go to a householder while milking the cow and he would simply take a little quantity of it for subsistence. Even fifty years before nobody would deprive a Sadhu for a pound or two of milk and every householder would spare milk like water. For a Sanatanist (the follower of Vedic principles) it is the duty of every householder to have cows and bulls as household paraphernalia not only for drinking milk but also for deriving religious principles from her. The Sanatanist worships the cow on religious principles as much as a Brahmin is so respected. The cows milk is required for the purpose of sacrificial fire and by performing sacrifices the householder can only be happy. The cow with her calf is not only beautiful to look at but also it gives satisfaction to the cow and happily she delivers milk as much as possible. But in the Kali Yuga the calves are separated from the cow as early as possible for purposes which may not be mentioned in these pages of Srimad Bhagwatam. The cow stands with tears in the eyes and the Sudra milkman draws artificially milk from the cow and when there is no milk the cow is sent for being slaughtered. These great sinful acts, of the human being, are responsible for all the troubles in the present society. They do not know what they are doing in the name of advancement of economic development. The influence of Kali will keep them in darkness of ignorance and inspite of all endeavours for peace and prosperity of the human society at large, they must try to see the cows and the bulls happy in all respects. Foolish people do not know how happiness is earned by making the cows and bulls happy but it is a fact by the law of nature. Let us take it from the authority of ‘Srimad Bhagwatam’ and adopt the principles for all round happiness of the human-kind. (S.B. 1.17.3)

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