Lasagna MoFo

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I wanted to make sure that I did a Lasagna post this MoFo as I want to dispel the myth that lasagna is difficult to make. All you need are a few simple and relatively inexpensive items: Vegan Cheese (optional, but sometimes I like it on top); quick cooking lasagna noodles;  can spaghetti sauce; about one cup of small chopped lightly steamed veggies of choice (I recommend zucchini); tofu ricotta (quick recipe is one 1 lb mashed tofu, a little lemon juice, salt, nootch, and thyme all mixed together) and one chopped roma tomato. Here are the steps:

1. Layer sauce and tomatoes on bottom.

2. Place dry pasta on top of sauce and tomatoes and cover with more sauce.

3. Layer Tofu Ricotta on next

4. Another layer of lasagna noodles and sauce with diced tomatoes.

5. Layer on steamed veggies and diced tomatoes.

6. Another layer of pasta, sauce, and cheese.

(The cooked and uncooked dish looked almost the same)

I undercooked it due to some problems I am experiencing with my oven. Due to this it fell apart and dose’nt resemble lasagna so there are no pictures of it plated up. I recommend cooking it for about 40 minutes covered and another 10-15 uncovered.

Today’s product review is Whole Soy and Co. lemon yogurt. Yum. I was very pleased. It tasted almost like the real deal.

Rating: ***** Five out of five stars



Ghost ships and animal cruelty.

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Erik Marcus- blogger, animal rights activist, and book author recently wrote an excellent blog post on a phenomenon he calls “ghost ships”- where animals are held in confinement (automated factory farming operations) which are for the most part completely automated without a person around for sometimes weeks at a time. Due to technical malfunctions such as ventilation systems going out thousands of animals die alone and a slow needless cruel death. This isn’t to say that  they weren’t going to die in a slaughterhouse in the end, but steps to prevent needless cruelty of animals in factory farming are needed. Factory farms spend so much time cutting corners and pinching pennies that they veto even the least expensive options to safeguard the animals and give them comfortable and safe living conditions. This is a necessary first step that needs to be taken. How can we as a species be so selfish that we are okay with factory farming for a cheap chicken pot pie? Or some inexpensive hamburger meat? I don’t honestly believe that we can make the whole world vegetarian- as strongly as I feel about animal rights and vegetarianism it’s a personal choice and all we can really do from a grassroots standpoint is educate others, vote with our dollars by not buying from companies that do animal testing or have other non-vegetarian operations where animals are held in confinement, and get involved locally in grassroots organizations. We can all make a difference one person at a time, and we need to make the effort to educate others. To read Erik’s article click here.

Since I am on a roll and woke up in an activist mood this morning I have a video from Peta for you. Meet your meat.

Adoptable Pets of the Week: Girlie Girl Army

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If the animals are on this list that means that they are URGENT and may be killed at their shelter for lack of space if people like us don’t adopt or foster them.  Note that transport from State to State can usually be arranged with rescues.  PLEASE FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO YOUR FRIENDS! Its one of the cheapest easiest and most effective things you can do to help animals (and bump up your place in heaven.)

PIE –  4 ½ yo Am-bull dog
New York, NY:
NYC/DC URGENT Fosters cannot keep! Meet Pie, 4 ½ yo Am-bull dog. 71 pounds of goofy, silly, black, chubby, cute boy.  Rescued from CACC in NYC ..due to crappy owners (moving, new baby ..) was adopted and returned FOUR times. Fosters love but cant because he is cat aggressive.  Pie needs a home without young children, cats, or dominant/aggressive dogs. He NEEDS to have someone who can spend the time training him and getting him to trust humans again.  He is a quick learner and responds to set boundaries, verbal commands, and simple commands using the choke chain.  On neutral territory he is great with other dogs. He loves everyone! He is sensitive, protective, smart, and fun.  He loves to play, run, a good brushing, and his favorite are walks on the leash.  Email for more information about Pie.

Voorhees, NJ: Cat colonies in danger to be euthanized. Urgent help needed.  Email if you can help.

Queens, NY: Kittens outside in the cold need homes. Conatact for more info.

Mt. Vernon, NY: Shelter (which is a “death camp”) has a sweet senior Mini-Pin that needs urgent Foster/Rescue. For more information please call Adoption Volunteer Ellen at 917-543-6092.

New York, NY: Spot – a sweet, friendly, extremely well behaved 13 month old puppy needs a home. or call 212-481-4544.

Sound Beach,LI: Jerry, 12 year old, gorgeous shepherd/chow mix abandoned needs home asap.  Pix and contact here.

New York, NY: CONTACT: All Sentient Beings, Inc. at or 212 642 8219 We need your help! Our shelter is COMPLETELY full. We are even turning away owner surrenders because we have NO cage space. We are asking you to PLEASE help us! If there is a dog you have your eye on, and you are waiting for him/her to go on the euth list… DON’T! Take them now! We have no room and that means tomorrow’s euth list is going to be enormous. If you are a local group, please considering coming in today and pulling a dog. Every open cage makes a difference. Scroll our animals here.

Philadelphia, PA: LOOK AT VIDEO! Now on URGENT list!  Please rescue LuLu and Lala, Beautiful Mother & Daughter! Sweet girls! Contact Marian at (@ yahoo. com) or call  267-385-3800 OR Email or or Michelle at to help or adopt them!

Pittsfield, IL: FINAL CALL! Animal Control URGENT list of Desperate Dogs (all breeds, some purebred/ small) IN NEED!! Pix and contact here. Transport available!

Clinton, IA: No offers for this beautiful 4 month old baby boy! Such a sweet boy please help time is running out for this puppy.

Los Angeles, CA: 82 parakeets at East Valley Shelter Need Rescue.  Please pass on to bird people.  Pix and contact here.

Crescent City, CA: 4 nice dogs at major risk of euthanization.  See their sweet faces and please repost or twitter them.

EXT URGENT!! Sherman Oaks, CA: Cruelty Case – SEAACA Shelter Dogs Need Rescue.  Photos and contact info here.

Chatsworth CA: 18 pound black cat named Sonny needs rescue asap. If you can help Sonny, please call Larry at West Valley Shelter!! He’s a big and beautiful boy! Photo and info here.

San Bernadino, CA: two magnificent dogs are captured and at the vet as of 2/11 — need funds, fosters, and forevers!!! Pix and details:

San Luis Obispo County, California: Senior Shitzu Maltese needs a loving home.  Contact and pix here.

Shreveport, LA: Many nice doggies need rescue from shelter – all breeds.  See their sweet faces!.  Transport is available! Please see photos and info in link and rescue one or more of these current orphans or crosspost their Picassa Photo link or Blog post if you can; this is a partial list.,

Mocksville, NC: Newborn cattle heeler puppies need urgent rescue!  Gorgeous tiny babies!! Contact and pix here.

St. Pauls, NC: Urgent. Adopt/Rescue Sharpei Mix, Samira.  Sweetest girl.  Contact and pix here.

York, SC: Shelter is overrun with animals – purebreeds, puppies, mutts, etc. Contact: York County Animal Control 803.818.6500 or Say you’d like to rescue an animal off the kill list.

Don't breed or buy while shelter pets die.

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