Down home American cooking.

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Meatloaf and mashed potatoes with gravy. To me, that is about as American as it gets. Well, my husband had a craving for mashed potatoes with Isa’s Corn Gravy and I wanted some tempeh but was too lazy and impatient to make any that night so I made (un)meatloaf instead. This is some freaking delicious and healthy meatloaf. I made some minor changes to the recipe to make it resemble the one I grew up eating. Instead of garlic/onion powder I used hing and I substituted out the ketchup for the same amount of pasta sauce. (My mother would never put ketchup in her meatloaf, never.) I also added about a half teaspoon of liquid smoke in an effort to make it taste more meaty. It was nice and subtle. Next time I am going to try adding Worcestershire sauce and see what happens.

Recipe by Bryanna Clark Grogan from “The Fiber for Life Cookbook”, also reprinted in “No More Bull!” by Howard F. Lyman

Yield: One 10-inch round loaf or one 9 x 5-inch rectangular loaf

2 C boiling water

Vegetarian bouillon for 4 cups broth (optional)

1/2 C ketchup

2 Tbs soy sauce

2 C textured soy protein granules

1/2 C oat bran

1/2 C wheat or rice bran

1/4 C ground flaxseeds

2 Tbs extra virgin olive oil or roasted sesame oil (*I have omitted this before; no problem*)

1 Tbs nutritional yeast flakes

1 tsp each: garlic granules, onion powder, and dried thyme (or other herb of choice) (Vaishnavas, sub out the unofferables for a large pinch of hing)

Freshly ground pepper to taste

Ketchup, tomato sauce or barbecue sauce as topping

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

In a medium bowl, dissolve the bouillon in the boiling water. Add the ketchup and soy sauce. Add the soy protein and let stand 5 to 10 minutes, or until the liquid is all absorbed. Add the remaining ingredients, except the topping. Mix well. Pack into an oiled 10-inch shallow glass casserole, or a 9 x 5-inch loaf pan. Spread the topping sauce over the top evenly. Bake for 45 minutes.

Oh, I had the pleasure of stopping by Cakewalk Vegan Bakery in Salt Lake City yesterday and I picked up the most delish eclair. Yes, Virginia, there is a vegan eclair! The eclair was amazing, and the filling was to die for. I regret only picking up one.

And the product I am reviewing this week is Roads End Spicy Nacho Chreese Dip. I was over at Cakewalk Bakery on Xmas eve with my husband picking up our holiday treat boxes order and I saw this dip and felt inspired to pick it up. They only had one bottle left so I took it home with me. It was so delicious. Nachos are my comfort food of choice and I really really like to dip my jalapeno kettle chips in nacho cheese dip also. This stuff rocks. You must buy some now. It tastes great and it has a great texture and the spicy flavor is actually spicy. I can pronounce most of the ingrediants too which is an added bonus. It is basically a thick nootch based sauce with jalapenos. Yum.

****** out of 5 (Yes, six out of five!)


Leftover un-meatloaf and more health Mex!

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My vegan journey has been a tasty one, but only on my third attempt. Attempt one at being vegan was (very) short  lived and unsuccessful because I had no idea how to eat vegan and I wasn’t even that good at being vegetarian back then. Attempt number two was because I had ended up in the hospital and veganism seemed the only way to not end back up in there. That attempt was unsuccessful because I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted to be vegan. I rebelled against the fact that I had to do it for my health. I guess I’m just a rebel, lol. This third attempt is working because I made the choice myself. I want to do it because it’s better for me and the animals.

That meatloaf I posted a little while ago reincarnated well as a meatloaf sandwich. Something that I never ate as a meat-eater growing up.  Well, I was impressed at this filling lunch.

I used Veganasise and Follow Your Heart cheddar. The cherry tomatoes are out of our garden.

I also made more temping tempeh tacos using Whole Foods marinade recipe. (I double it).  I served the tacos with a side of organic canned black beans (Back to canned beans. Working full time sucks sometimes.), homemade pico de gallo, and homemade feta cheese.

Since I had a bunch of leftover salsa and corn tortillas I made Chilaquiles. I used my homemade cooked salsa and more of the vegan Feta.

More classic vegan cooking at our house. I think we must eat baked taters stuffed with steamed vegetables and cheeze sauce at least once every other week. I am really getting into steaming red bell peppers.

I am very exited for fall cooking and Vegan MoFo in November. I will also be doing more devotional posts as Kartika starts next Friday.

Un-meatloaf and other goodies.

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A few days back I posted that I had made the Vegan Feta recipe out of The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook. It came out great! It looks like tofu but tastes like cheese! Yippie! So I used it to sub for Queso Fresco in the Zuccchini and Plantain Tacos I made the other day. I served them with Vegan Feta and Pico de Gallo.

I also made some Zucchini and Black Bean Tacos earlier in the week.

Garnished with avocado, Soy Supreme Sour Creme, and Chipotle Salsa.

Last night I made the first meatloaf recipe out of the “Loafs” chapter in No More Bull! by Howard Lyman. It was soooo good! It did come out a little dry but I was quite satisfied. There are a few little tweaks I plan on making to the recipe to make it taste more like the one I grew up on but over all I have to recommend this as a fool proof recipe.

TVP mixture.

Two types of bran, ground flax seeds, and spices mixture.



Un-meatloaf served with a side of steamed veggies.

I have wanted to do some ratings of new food products. This is my first food review for Purely Decadent vegan ice cream. I rated the Mocha Almond Fudge flavor. This is made of coconut milk not soy so it’s creamy and the flavor reminds me of dairy ice cream I grew up eating.

rating: **** stars out of 4 stars

The name says it all....

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