Un-meatloaf and other goodies.

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A few days back I posted that I had made the Vegan Feta recipe out of The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook. It came out great! It looks like tofu but tastes like cheese! Yippie! So I used it to sub for Queso Fresco in the Zuccchini and Plantain Tacos I made the other day. I served them with Vegan Feta and Pico de Gallo.

I also made some Zucchini and Black Bean Tacos earlier in the week.

Garnished with avocado, Soy Supreme Sour Creme, and Chipotle Salsa.

Last night I made the first meatloaf recipe out of the “Loafs” chapter in No More Bull! by Howard Lyman. It was soooo good! It did come out a little dry but I was quite satisfied. There are a few little tweaks I plan on making to the recipe to make it taste more like the one I grew up on but over all I have to recommend this as a fool proof recipe.

TVP mixture.

Two types of bran, ground flax seeds, and spices mixture.



Un-meatloaf served with a side of steamed veggies.

I have wanted to do some ratings of new food products. This is my first food review for Purely Decadent vegan ice cream. I rated the Mocha Almond Fudge flavor. This is made of coconut milk not soy so it’s creamy and the flavor reminds me of dairy ice cream I grew up eating.

rating: **** stars out of 4 stars

The name says it all....


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