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Hi! It’s been about a month or two since I’ve posted last. Sorry about that. I have just been so busy working overtime and long days that I have had no motivation to blog, just too pooped. But that hasn’t stopped me from cooking up some great food. When I downloaded the pictures to the PC today I was overwhelmed, with 115 pictures! Can you believe it? That’s a lot of food. I have been experimenting a lot with recipes from Appetite for Reduction. Its a great cookbook, if you don’t own a copy run out and get one right now! I think I must make that Jerk Asparagus twice a month now as it’s so darn tasty. I am also a bit obsessed with the Cajun Blackened Tofu too. My husband said it was a little bit spicy though, so if your not a pepper head like me you might want to tone down the spices in the recipe a little. Here are some of the pictures of things that I’ve cooked over the past month.

Rainbow Chard with Shells, TVP, and Daiya

Not healthy, but yummy tasty comfort food. And it tastes pretty kid friendly too

Fronch Toast with real Maple Syrup.

Smokey braised turnip greens and tempeh.

Italian tofu with uncheese bread and Panko n herb Cauliflower.

Seitan taco night!

A salads not complete without raw sunflower seeds!

Chickpea Seitan patties with Coconut Rice and Jerk Asparagus

Leftover Chickpea Cutletts with Mustard Sauce and Rainbow Chard


Thats all for now. I’ll post more later. πŸ™‚


Green Tomato Adventure Time!

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We just had our first snow fall last night. I woke up this morning and the grass was all white. I am still not used to snow, nor do I like it (at all) but I have to admit that it looks very pretty. Due to the cold weather we picked all the green tomatoes out of our garden as we wouldn’t loose them to the freezing night temperatures. I decided to make “baked” fried green tomatoes as it sounded healthier than the fried ones I grew up eating. I was not impressed. They sucked actually. Lucky for us I made a ton of them and stored some for later use which I fried in oil the following week and we were very impressed. If you have more green tomatoes than you can eat in one sitting I highly recommend baking the ones you won’t eat right away and storing them in the freezer or fridge for future frying action.

Baked "fried" green tomatoes with steamies. Blah.

This time I fried the green tomatoes and served them with Collard Greens and faux beef from the Asian Market in SLC. The faux beef smelled like it was Asian spiced, but we were happy eating it and nope, no Asian spicing to be found. Good stuff, quite versatile. I highly recommend it.

I was scrolling through recipes on and I found this Skillet Beef and Macaroni recipe that begged to be veganised. It was something to do with the fact that I had all the ingredients at home to create a vegan version of it. So, I did. Also, it’s been pretty cold lately and I wanted something filling and hearty to eat. My husband enjoyed it, but he said it needed some veggies on the side as it was too heavy for him. I agree, but I have to admit I was feeling much too lazy to cook the Kale in the fridge. Here is a link to the veganized version of the recipe.

The item I am reviewing today is Daiya Vegan Mozzarella. Damn good stuff. It melts, it stretches, and omg, it even tastes like cheese. This stuff is awesome and will help me kick my cheese addiction. Here is a good link on why cheese is so addictive. Really, seriously, cheese is addictive and after I gave it up I had cheese related dreams for almost a year. And if you think you are helping animals by being a lacto-veg that’s a nice sentiment and a good start but it’s not reality. Dairy cows end up slaughtered and become cheap hamburger meat for fast food restaurants while boy calfs either become veal or end up in a dead pile. There is no animal sanctuary for exhausted under producing dairy cows. For more information click this link.

Now it’s time to read and relax and try to get over this cold.

Italian Marinated Tempeh

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I remember the first time I tried to go vegan way back in say, 97ish. I was living in Ocean Beach in hipster/hippie town. Full of cool dives and antique stores. There is a really nice vegetarian Co-Op in OB called People’s and I spied tempeh one day, and brought it home and cooked it with disastrous results.Β  I had never eaten it before and had no friends who knew how to cook it either. I think I cut it up and fried it in oil. So gross. I vowed never to cook it again. Fast forward to 12 or so years later when I buy Isa’s Vegan With A Vengeance. It has a really great recipe for Tempeh Bacon. I held off for almost a year before I took the plunge and bought some tempeh and made this stuff. It’s so delicious and easy to make. After that I was sold on tempeh, but that was all I knew how to make out of it. On our honeymoon in Vegas I bought a copy of Veganomicon and it has a recipe for Smokey Grilled Tempeh. Due to these two cookbooks tempeh has been demystified. No more is it some strange hard to cook substance. It is now something I cook on a pretty regular basis and I have future plans of teaching myself how to make it at home. I am even starting to make my own recipes for tempeh marinades. Today for lunch I made Italian Marinated Tempeh. I used the Italian Tofu Marinade recipe out of V*Con and steamed the tempeh and marinated it for a few hours while I went and got a much needed mani-pedi. πŸ™‚ Fried it up and served it with some mashed potatoes.

Do any of you have the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook? I just got my copy in the mail a few days ago and I really want to make the block cheeses but I am unsure as to what to use as a mold. Any suggestions?

Holi Festival, Utah 2010

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The Utah Spanish Fork Hare Krishna Temple annually hosts the country’s largest Holi Festival. It keeps growing every year and is the unofficial BYU Spring Break Party. This year we must have had 20-25,000 guests attend and the temple sold 50,000 bags of colors. Here are some pictures of the party. If you missed it this year come next year! (I didn’t take these pictures, my fiance Tota-gopinath das took them.)

Katie and I having a good time.

Even the llamas were'nt safe from the crowds enthusiasm.

The witch Holika.

And here are some pictures from the following day when we stopped by to help with the cleanup. (I took these.)

Seitan Tacos and Southwestern Stuffed Bell Peppers

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When I moved to Tijuana at 19 years old I was already a vegetarian so I never got a chance to eat a lot of the street tacos outside eating whole bean tacos (they are good, don’t knock them!) but I made sure I took many good looks at them. I don’t really know why, but I did and now I am really happy that I did as I was able to recreate chicken tacos using seitan. I was really pleased with the results and plan on making them again and again.

Sauteeing homemade chicken seitan.

After homemade taco seasoning was added.

They tasted so good I amost forgot to photograph the end product.

I still had some fresh corn tortillas leftover so the next day I made vegan chorizo and tofu scramble and we had tacos again.

Chorizo taco goodness.

Later that week I wanted to make stuffed bell peppers. I make them at least once a week but I wanted to mix it up, make them a little bit differently so I made them Southwestern style with corn and beans added in and served them with Tots. What a good dinner that was.

Why buy beans when you can make beans?

I threw in some enchilada sauce for flavor.

Red bell peppers are my fave. So sweet!

The finished product.

The tots were a great side. πŸ™‚

I really enjoyed the southwestern experiment but my fiance prefers the chorizo stuffed peppers. I will keep experimenting till I get it just right, but for a first try these were pretty good even if they were a bit spicy- even for my tastes. Note to self- don’t dice up and add home grown chili peppers to everything. Perhaps next time I will saute the tvp mixture before I stuff the peppers with it too. I was planning on it initially, but I forgot.

Please stay tuned for more cooking experiments! Until next time, I have a quick question for you the reader. Do you use tvp and or seitan? Do you make your own seitan if you use it? What do you like to use tvp and seitan for? I am new to using these items and am curious what you do with them.

Diety Darshan, Spanish Fork Utah

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Some recent pictures that I took at the temple…

Last weeks meals

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Haribol! Last week Tota and I cooked up some exiting and very easy foods. First I made the Spicy Split Pea Soup out of the most recent Vegetarian Times Magazine. Yum!

And later on that week I made frijoles and used them to make whole bean tacos. I am so glad avocados are back in season eventhough they are very expensive.

Growing up in San Diego I always used to go to Horton Plaza with my friends and get Nacho Fries from the fry place (I cant remember its name now for some reason). They were the best, just drowned in nacho cheese and jalapenos. So, I decided to make my own with cheeze sauce and baked crinkle fries. They were not quite as I remember them, but they satisfied the craving.

I also made (and am now hooked on) Caribbean Coconut Rice out of Vegetarian Times from long ago. I served up this addicting rice with baked yams for a delicious and satisfying meal. Sometimes the simple things in life are the best!

Yesterday for Sunday morning breakfast I made Vegan MissMuffins with homemade biscuits out of VWAV, organic ketchup (corn syrup is the devil), tofu egg rounds (cut tofu in circle shape- season and fry), and vegan sausages and cheese slices. Yummy! Its nice to know I can make this stuff better than I remember buying it.

That’s all for now. I am working a lot this week but hope to be cooking up some fun and exiting meals to blog about.

Brunch fun!

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I love breakfast. I think I must post more breakfast food than anything else on this blog. I actually had a dream about waffles covered in powdered sugar last week so on my first day off with my fiance (Sunday) we had to make them. I am no good making waffles and pancakes without a recipe so Tota whipped up some yummy waffle mix that had some besan flour mixed in and I poured them into the waffle iron, voila!

Some other day last week that we had off together I made the Fritatta out of VWAV and followed the whole recipe this time as I actually had all the ingredients. Amazing! I made the Fritatta with sundried tomatoes and carrot sticks. Yum!!!!

Last Wednesday I made Chorizo Stuffed Bell Peppers with homemade Chorizo, also out of WVAW also for the first time followed to recipe as I have been trying to fill my spice cabinet with all requisite ingredients for her recipes and it came out the best ever. But, I am going to omit the sugar entirely next time I make it as it was a little sweet for my taste and I dont recall chorizo being sweet. Nonetheless I am hooked!

Happy I finally bought Bay Leafs and Fennel.

Today however is Ekadasi so no beans or grains will be eaten today. I fasted until noon and for lunch made baked crinkle cut fries (use natural ketchup such as Mur Glenn as it’s sweetened with Cane Sugar not Corn Syrup which is not Ekadasi friendly) and for dinner after work I will make brocolli boiled in Coconut Milk over Quinoa. It really is possible to be vegan on Ekadasi! It just takes a little ingenuity and research. Good websites to do recipe searches on areΒ (sorry the insert link thingie isn’t working) and

I am going to end this post with some pictures of the deities in the Spanish Fork Temple, recently featured as the cover article in Back To Godhead Magazine.

Vegan breakfast madness!

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Howdy all! I still have not gotten around to baking bread, but I did make an awesome breakfast a few days back. Tofu scramble with peas and sundried tomatoes, toast with Earth Balance and jam, and homemade tempeh bacon. Yum…..

Later on that week we went out for sushi with my parents in law in Provo. Mine is the sushi without cream cheese. I really really miss eating vegan sushi rolls at Sipz in San Diego. 😦

Some pictures of our last snowstorm.

Till next post take care and stay warm!

Winter Wonderland

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Haribol! So far it has snowed more than I have ever seen ever in my life. We are at 5 inches of snow here in Utah Valley. I braved the weather to go explore around my block and view the transformation that is taking place. Here is what I saw.

Tota shoveling snow.

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